Fashion waves in the wood industry

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If you try to describe a wood trend, it is often not that easy. In general, however, one can say that there are always certain "waves". For example, just as we were still in the "bright wave" a few years ago, we are currently in the "rustic wave". But more on that later. In the bright wave, light, unpretentious and "flawless" types of wood enjoyed great popularity. The motto back then was that the fewer knots, discolorations and cracks, the better. At that time, types of wood such as beech or Ahorn

The movement that followed was in a completely different direction, towards the aforementioned "rustic wave". Now suddenly the light and plain wood was considered too boring and people wanted to be able to see that wood can also be alive. Cracks, knots, discolouration, patterns, grain - suddenly everything was allowed. The type of wood Eiche experienced her great rise, but also the Zirbe gained great popularity. The two types of wood are characterized by very beautiful visible patterns, annual rings and knots on the cut surface.

The unusual thing is that this rustic wave has lasted for a relatively long time. Other fashions, such as light, dark, or reddish, usually only lasted around 5-8 years. However, the current trend has been around for about 10 years now and instead of flattening out, there is more of a gain in popularity. In general, one can say that trends in wood and Wood wall panels are more durable than many other fashions.

We can totally understand that, they are very beautiful woods - but what do you think? Will it be more dark again in the future, for example American walnut, or do we simply no longer have time to change our preferences?


One thing is clear, it will definitely remain exciting!


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