5 tips for installation - self-adhesive wall covering

What should you pay attention to when installing self-adhesive wall covering?

Here we give the most important tips and tricks so that your wall covered with wooden panels looks really good!

When installing self-adhesive wall panels, there are a few things to consider so that the finished wall can shine in all its glory!


1. When choosing your panels, you should be sure where you want to mount the self-adhesive wall covering!

It is important that you make a rough plan before ordering and installing your real wood wall panels. Where should the panels be attached? Does the furniture match the type of wood Zirbe, Ahorn or should it be one Oak wall paneling will? Many questions, but they will pay off if you answer them conscientiously.

Also make sure that the plaster or other surface is suitable for the self-adhesive wall covering. Normal plaster is no problem at all for the adhesive strips - only very coarse plaster or, for example, fiberboard is suitable only if additional Montagekleber is used!


2. Get the right tool, the wooden panels will thank you!

Make sure you have a working, sharp one Säge to use if you should cut the real wood panels. Be sure to start sawing on the back of the planks, too, to avoid scratching the beautiful surface.

So that the panels later sit at the right angle, it is important to use a Schreinerwinkel and Wasserwaage to work. You should also press the wall covering firmly afterwards so that there is no more air between the adhesive strip and the wall.


Altholz Wandpaneele mit Monteur


3. Clean the surface before installing the wall panels!

As mentioned earlier, it is important that self-adhesive wall covering to be installed on the correct surface. However, what is often overlooked is the cleanliness of the surface. It is often overlooked that walls also get dirty over time and sometimes nails are forgotten in the wall. Therefore - before applying the self-adhesive wall covering, take a closer look.


4. Lay the wall paneling on the floor beforehand!

Before you overzealously start peeling off the adhesive strips and sticking the real wood panels onto the wall - take a deep breath :-)

So that you are really satisfied with your wall later on, we recommend laying the panels on the floor beforehand. So you can calmly put together the perfect picture, exchange planks and increase satisfaction.


If you follow these tips, nothing stands in the way of a flawless wall covered with self-adhesive wall covering. Have fun and success :-)

here you will find a video with instructions for assembly!