What makes stone pine wall cladding so unique?

In this blog article we ask ourselves the question: Why is our swiss pine wall paneling that unique?

In order to be able to answer this question correctly, we must swiss pine wall panels take a closer look!

First of all: What are they made of? Wandpaneele at all?

Sure - stone pine, but not only! Our wall panels usually consist of 3 components: One Noble veneer (in our example the stone pine), one fiberboard as a carrier, a Veneer on the back and of course the extremely adhesive tape. The exception: ours Old wood wall panels - these consist of 100% old wood!

Incidentally, the veneer on the back is used to compensate for tension and has a stabilizing effect. If the panel were only veneered on one side, it would bend like a palm leaf - this is unfortunately the case with some cheaper wall panel suppliers.

If you are now asking yourself: what are veneers anyway? Maybe there will be a blog article about it on our soon Black board :-)

Alright, now closer to the top layer: the stone pine

The stone pine, also known as Swiss stone pine, is found mainly in the Alps and Carpathians at an altitude of around 1300 meters. At such altitudes, the temperatures are relatively low, which is one reason for the slow growth of the stone pine.

                 Zirbe Zapfen Zirbenholz

In the past, the wood was mainly used by the local residents and farmers for interior decoration. In recent years, the demand for stone pine has also increased enormously internationally, which is mainly due to the soothing scent is to be attributed. Stone pine became modern. The fragrance is created by the release of the naturally contained essential oils. Our wall panels smell wonderfully natural and pleasant. The stone pine is said to promote good sleep and even the to lower pulse. We already wrote a post about this - click here!

the Stone pine wall paneling has clearly come to stay, she spreads in the interior pleasant warmth and invites you to linger. Whether it\'s a cozy parlor look or a modern hut look, there are no limits to the flexibility of the wall panels.

Incidentally, the Swiss stone pine is similar to the wood pattern knotty spruce and also that Lärche. In contrast to Zirbe but the larch has fewer knots and is simpler.

Zirbenholz Wandverkleidung Einzelpaneel

In summary, we can state...

... our Zirbenholz Wandverkleidung Is characterized by high quality

... brings warmth into the interior

... is sustainably produced in Austria

Interior Zirbe Wandverkleidung und Sofa