Colors - their effect on us and possible combinations

Colors - their effect on us and combinations


You often walk into a room and think: "Everything just fits together here and I feel good" - but what is the reason for that?

Stylish and tasteful furnishings certainly consist of many components – colors also make a significant contribution to the room climate. But now the question arises as to how different colors can be used and combined correctly in order to achieve precisely this "feel-good effect". We will address this question in one of our next posts, because first we should take a look at how colors actually work affect us and with which woods they can be combined well.

Colors influence our emotions, perceptions and, last but not least, our well-being on a daily basis. Unconsciously, or partly consciously, we form "opinions" about colors - even in our vocabulary, colors have a wide variety of meanings. "I see black" or "You\'re green behind the ears" are just two examples of a large number of idioms, where the color symbolizes/replaces something.

You could fill entire books on the very extensive topic of color - we would like to give a brief, concise overview here.



Red attracts attention and represents vitality, energy, love and passion. In addition, red has an appetizing effect, increases the metabolism, stimulates the circulation and the immune system.

Red should only be used as a stimulus in rooms, otherwise it can be too exciting and overwhelming. Especially dark woods, such as brown old wood (Solid old brown) or Eiche broncé, in combination with red accents can give a living/dining room new elegance!

 Altholz Solid old braun


Unlike red, orange is brighter and appears more energetic. The color orange is relatively rare in our daily environment, which is why it is a special eye-catcher. The same applies to orange: set accents and enjoy with caution - sometimes less is more!

As well as yellow Orange is also ideal for rooms with little natural light. It brightens the room and also makes it appear larger. Perfectly combined, for example with the panels Ahorn, oak rough or Eiche crack, great results can be achieved with yellow and orange!

In addition, yellow promotes concentration and creativity and stimulates conversations - perfect for offices or conference rooms!


Green has a calming effect on the human psyche and ensures calm and security. Of course, the shade of green also matters, so lighter green can be very activating.

How you use the color is a matter of taste, but combinations of different shades of green are very appealing – as it is reminiscent of nature. Often it is also simply used in the form of plants with the furniture - we recommend Zirbe, Eiche grau and Eiche rough for a particularly natural result!


As with all other colors, the nuance is also very important with blue. Dark blue stands for calm, trust and longing, while light blue can be very activating. In general, blue is very popular in rooms that are used for rest and relaxation - i.e. in bedrooms. In contrast to many other colors, blue can also be used more generously, because the relaxing effect increases with increasing area.

Combined with wood, rooms decorated in blue are true oases of relaxation. It just goes with blue any type of wood, you can\'t go wrong here!

 Eiche rough

White and black

And don\'t forget the two colors that are often referred to as "not right colors". White and black are the most commonly used colors in interior design - but why is that?

White is the all-rounder among wall colors and is used so often because it is not too personal. Humans have preferences among all colors – they simply like some colors more or less. On the other hand, everyone perceives white in the same way and most people see it as neutral - which is exactly why it is perfect for combinations!

Our recommendation for white rooms: all types of wood! With white wall paint, other colors come to the fore and leave enough space for every combination.

In contrast, you should be more careful with black. Individual accents are perfect for emphasizing contrasts, but: too much black looks gloomy and oppressive!


With this in mind, we wish you a (colorful) Happy Easter and lots of fun looking for nests and pecking (colorful) eggs! 😊